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Stuart Murray Williams

Stuart Murray Williams is on the Crucible steering group. He spent 12 years as an urban church planter in East London and has continued to be involved in church planting as a trainer, mentor, writer, strategist and consultant. Under the auspices of the Anabaptist Network and Urban Expression, he works as a trainer and consultant, with particular interest in urban mission, church planting and emerging forms of church. He has written books on church planting, urban mission, emerging church, the challenge of post-Christendom and the Anabaptist tradition. He is married to Sian, a tutor at the Baptist College in Bristol where they live, and he has two grown up sons and two grandchildren.

Juliet Kilpin

Juliet Kilpin helps coordinate Urban Expression, an urban mission agency pioneering creative and relevant forms of church in our inner cities. An urban mission advocate and activist for over twenty-five years, Juliet and her husband formed a church with the first Urban Expression team in Tower Hamlets, East London, in 1997. Juliet also project- managed the relaunch of The Fishermen’s Chapel in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. Juliet is also a freelance consultant and trainer and has recently helped initiate some peacemaking initiatives through a new collaboration called Peaceful Borders. Juliet has co-authored a booklet with Stuart Murray: Church Planting in the Inner City – the Urban Expression Story, and curated the stories featured in Urban To The Core: motives for incarnational mission. She enjoys travelling with family and friends, curries and walks with the dog



Alex Ellish

South African by birth, Alexandra Ellish spent her teenage years in England, studied theology in Edinburgh and later Prague, where she was also ordained as a Baptist minister. After 6 years of ministry in London’s multicultural east-end,Alex recently moved with her family to join an Urban Expression church-planting team in Harold Hill, an outer-city housing estate in East London. Alex helps to coordinate Urban Expression, and also works with the Mennonite Trust and Anabaptist Network as a development worker. Alex’s work is mainly concerned with engaging younger adults and activists interested in following Jesus in a peace-making tradition, and building closer relationships with organisations committed to non-violence and social justice. Alex is interested in creation care, community organising, multi-voiced worship, feminism and spiritual formation. She also enjoys a good pale ale, BBQs and going camping with her family.

Peter Dominey

Peter Dominey is wired for pioneering. He planted Church from Scratch – a church in Southend on Sea which tries to move the emphasis from the lucky towards the unlucky. Whilst remaining with Church from Scratch, he now spends most of his time helping others to re-found on Jesus’ mission, further church planting and initiating Christian social enterprises.

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Simon Crucible

Simon Jay

Simon Jay set up the Haven Community Project, and has been living and working on the Welsh House Farm estate in Birmingham for 15 years. He is missional to the core, and is constantly seeking new ways to engage with the local community. He has been studying for a post graduate diploma in Theology, Ministry and Mission, and will be going to gain his Masters with Urban Life and Bristol Baptist College. Si is married to Rachel, and they have five children. He loves good food and real ale.

Rachel Jay

Rachel Jay is the Crucible course administrator, working one day a week for Urban Expression/Crucible. She and her husband, Simon, have lived in a housing estate in south Birmingham for 13 years and now head up an Urban Expression team there. The team runs a community centre in the estate which acts as a focal point for local residents. They have 5 crazy kids, which tends to keep them fairly busy!

Rachel Crucible

Nicky Magahy CC

Nicky Magahy

Nicky Magahy is a Mission Trainer with BMS World Mission where she has a particular interest in preparing mission personnel to live and work across cultures and amongst people of a different faith tradition. Her own experience is of living in Guinea, West Africa, where she juggled home schooling with training of pastors and their wives at L'Institut Biblique de Télékoro; then in Uganda, where she taught Islam at Kampala Evangelical School of Theology. She studied theology at London Bible College and was a primary school teacher before joining BMS. Nicky is married with two children and lives in Birmingham where there are numerous opportunities to meet people of a different faith.

Sarah & Phil Warburton

Sarah and Phil Warburton planted a church with an Urban Expression team twelve years ago in Tower Hamlets in the East End of London. This church joined with two others to become E1 Community Church. Phil is a Baptist minister and remains one of the leaders of the church. He has been a Trustee of UE and has a passion to see Christian community worked out in urban areas. Sarah has had a variety of jobs since living in East London including working with vulnerable young people in the Borough. Both have a concern for how church can promote good mental health. They have two teenagers, Naomi and Ben

Sarah & Phil crucible

Ann Morisy

Ann Morisy is a freelance community theologian who has worked in both rural and urban contexts. She was the Director of the Commission on Urban Life and Faith which produced the report ‘Faithful Cities’.

Ann is a well-regarded speaker, with invitations from across Europe, USA and Australia. She has written a number of best-selling books on community ministry and re-envisoning theology for troubled times. Ann also has a special interest in old age and fairness between the generations and her latest book, Borrowing from the Future, is on this theme.

Barney Barron

Barney Barron is an accredited evangelist with the Baptist Union of Great Britain. Along with his wife Sara he is an Anglican pioneer minister for Leigh Park and they are currently re-planting a church in Westbourne.  Leigh Park is part of a large housing estate considered an area of high deprivation, whilst Westbourne is a semi-rural village. He is the initiator and executive trustee of Communitas, a youth and community charity. He is also a founding trustee for the Incarnate Network and Urban Expression’s Regional Coordinator for the South Coast.  Barney and Sara have four children. He enjoys walking, swimming and kayaking.  He likes to relax with a good book, great food or a bottle of wine with friends.


Sara Barron

Sara Barron is an accredited Baptist minister currently working as an Anglican pioneer in an area of deprivation. Sara also works in Westbourne, a rural village, exploring what church might look like there.  She is also the development worker for CURBS, which resources, trains and supports children’s workers in urban and estate areas. Sara is married to Barney, also a Baptist minister, and they have four children.

Joe Baker

Joe Baker is married to Sarah and they live in Birmingham, where they’re part of a peace church community that they formed eight years ago. Their church community is working with an Anabaptist way of being in the (post-)modern world. Joe has a busy, stimulating job working for Oxfam International as a web developer for the multilingual international website. In his spare time, Joe is also a PhD student at the University of Bristol, studying narrativity and the historical Jesus, focussing specifically on sin and forgiveness. Joe and Sarah have four daughters, whose initials in birth order, somewhat appropriately for the Bakers, spell the word PIES.

Joe Crucible

Iona Crucible
Howard Crucuble

Iona & Howard Jones

Howard Jones is a Baptist minister since 1988; previous to that he was a musician and music teacher. Iona Jones runs her own business as an Equality and Diversity Consultant. Having served in two Baptist churches over 21 years, in 2009 Howard and Iona took a leap of faith and moved to Cobridge in Stoke on Trent as an Urban Expression team of two (they have now been joined by others). They have two adult daughters, Charis and Lottie.

Chris & Adrian Lee

Chris & Adrian Lee have been Salvation Army ministers for almost 12 years. They live with their two boys, Ethen and Kaine in Goldthorpe, a deprived ex-mining community with high levels of unemployment crime and drug misuse. Since moving to Goldthorpe in 2002, they have planted First Generation Church; each member has come to faith from the local community. As the church has grown, two adults have begun training to become full-time Salvation Army ministers. One will take over leadership of Goldthorpe SA when Adrian and Chris move on in July 2014. As part of a team they also planted a new SA Church in Brampton, Cortonwood, which now also has full-time leadership. Adrian and Chris have been the creators of G21 (God in the 21st century) Mobile – A Support Network for Body, Mind and Soul, aimed at unchurched people as an introduction to Christianity (

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