In partnership with other organisations, including Bristol Baptist College, BMS World Mission, The Anabaptist Network and Urban Life, we are pleased to be able to provide a range of informative web seminars on different topics.

To access these webinars, please click the button below, or use the following link: http://www.brethren.org/webcasts/. There will be a link box to click on, posted at the bottom of the webinar description, that will direct you to the webinar room.


Mental health: developing inclusive communities, promoting positive wellbeing
Wednesday 22 March, 7.30pm

How do we safely support children, young people, adults and whole families in our faith communities in regard to mental health issues? What role do we have supporting someone already engaged with mental health services? How do we keep boundaries in life and death situations? How do we deal with conflict and aggression due to mental illness? How can we be inclusive and protective? How do we promote positive wellbeing in our community?Jo_website_photo

Jo Fitzsimmons is a youth and community worker and counsellor. Having worked in the mental health sector of youth work, Jo also brings her experience of Mental Health Services supporting her own children with their needs.



‘What have the children ever done for us?’
Thursday 20 April, 7.30pm

So often we look at children as those we need to teach. What if we saw that building relationship was mutually beneficial? How would that affect church, life, and community? Can we grow intergenerational communities that enable all to flourish? Jesus said ‘the kingdom belongs to such as these.’ In what ways can we hold space for children in and out of the church to build friendship, community and relationship with God?sara

Sara Barron
is an accredited Baptist minister currently working as an Anglican pioneer in an area of deprivation. She is also the development worker for CURBS, which resources, trains and supports children’s workers in urban and estate areas.


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Anabaptist Network:

‘The Heart of Anabaptism’, exploring the 7 core convictions of the Anabaptist Network

 Joshua Searle

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Further information about the webinars can be found at www.brethren.org/webcasts, and webinars on other subjects can be found at www.brethren.org/webcasts/archive.html

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