Free Runners

What I love about free runners is the way that they interact with the environment around them.  A bench isn’t for sitting, curb’s aren’t for standing behind whilst watching for if it’s safe to cross and fences are definitely not for keeping people out.  I also love the way our young people interact with the urban environment.  They challenge the systems of order and control.  People’s driveways become goal posts, curbs become targets for bouncing balls off and benches are used for pretty much anything other than sitting on.

I want my expression of spirituality and faith in my estate to be like a free runner.  It’s time to break away from the rigid models and ideas, get away from buildings, 19.45 meetings, memberships etc.  It’s time to re understand how communities are connecting with God, particularly those communities who are most marginalised in our society.  tumblr_inline_n79ct7XSgV1sinbex