Reflections on WHF

We’ve embarked on a really interesting journey at this week at UE Welsh House Farm. I think it’s really easy, when you’re living and working in the place you feel called to kingdom-build, to lose sight of where God is in it all.

So we let it slide. We’re doing God’s work after all… isn’t that enough? Working on our spiritual wellbeing can wait. We’re too busy pioneering.

I can’t be the only one guilty of it can I? I wonder how many of us really devote our time and attention to feeding ourselves, nourishing our spirit as we do our body? On Welsh House Farm, we’ve been letting ourselves go hungry while we try to meet the needs we are surrounded by.

So this week a small group of us met together, and we listened. We listened for the still small voice of calm amidst the thumping demands of our everyday lives. We listened to scripture and its nuances, and grey areas, and tough bits that we would prefer to ignore. We listened to one another, our fears and insecurities, our world views, our dreams for the future. And we listened to ourselves. We gave ourselves permission to be messy, and confused, and hungry. We gave ourselves permission to be searching for something greater. We gave ourselves permission to question our beliefs, to question the very foundations of why we felt called in the first place.

And it was okay. It was better than okay, it was good. It felt like the start of healing journey for a group of tired, battered missionaries, trying to serve God in the wonderful wilderness in which they have been placed.

Rowena Wilding, Welsh House Farm

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