Fran Beckett
Fran has a background in leading organisations like the Church Urban Fund, and chairing/being on a range of Boards at local, London-wide, and national level. She is passionate about the church ‘being good news’ and not just talking about it. This has included pioneering an inner city missional community of people disillusioned with mainstream church, and recently with local residents launching a community association working to improve the neighbourhood and build community amongst its very diverse population.   Her work life involves a mix of church & charity consultancy, leadership development, speaking and writing. A long time Peckham dweller she is about to move to Brighton…

Dave Close
Dave Close works with Hot Chocolate Trust in Dundee, a Christian youth work organization building community with young people in the city centre He has enjoyed being a Trustee for UE since 2013 despite being quite a long way away from everyone else…

Catherine Cowell
Catherine is a Personal Performance and Leadership Coach and trainer, working with both individuals and organisations. She loves helping people to discover their calling and gifting and is part of a project called Refuel, which works with churches and church leaders to help people do just that. She is also passionate about helping leaders and organisations to truly empower and release people.
Catherine has been the catalyst of a number of missional projects in Stoke on Trent, including Nightchurch, which opens its doors to clubbers on a Friday night and Wings, which provides hospitality for the homeless and people on the margins.
Catherine is married to Andy and is adoptive Mum to two gorgeous boys, aged 8 and 10.

Tim Presswood
After 20 years as minister of Openshaw Baptist Tabernacle in inner city Manchester, Tim Presswood is now Transitional Regional Minister for the NorthWestern Baptist Association.
Tim is also one of the Team Leaders of Urban Expression, Openshaw.
Tim has extensive experience of urban life, having chaired the East Manchester Regeneration partnership as well as a variety of NHS organisations. He was also chair of Manchester Credit Union for twenty years, overseeing its growth from 83 members to over 20,000 at his retirement. This seems to qualify him to be Treasurer of Urban Expression.

Emma Scott

Emma lives with her husband and 2 girls in Mitcham where she is a Salvation Army minister and also a UE team leader. She loves living in Mitcham, where she is involved in a range of activities from a drop-in for survivors of domestic abuse through to shared community meals and campaigning for local issues. Emma has been involved with UE for around 12 years and a team leader for 4, and thinks it’s an amazingly creative place to be.

Pat Took

Pat Took’s involvement with Urban Expression began with its formation, at which time she was a minister in East London. She continued to serve as a Trustee during the years that she worked with the London Baptist Association. After a break of some years she returned to the Board and has enjoyed being part of its ongoing life. She will shortly be retiring, as a Trustee but not as an enthusiast.

Andy Turner