Who we are

Urban Expression is made up of various “teams”, all around the country. We network in a variety of ways, both regionally and nationally. To get to know which teams are in your area, please visit our Teams page.
Below you can learn a bit about the UE coordinators who facilitate the network of communities, whether by regional oversight, national oversight or by helping us to partner with other organisations.


Stuart MW


Stuart Murray Williams

Urban Expression emerged from the church planting course Stuart taught in London in the 1990s, so he’s been involved since UE’s beginning in 1997. He is one of the coordinators and a trainer on the Crucible course, and provides some of the strategic oversight within UE. He is a freelance trainer/consultant working with the Anabaptist Network and helps to develop missional partnerships beyond UE. He lives in Bristol, where he volunteers as a restorative justice facilitator and plays league table tennis.

Juliet Kilpin

For several years Juliet has been primarily responsible for the ‘equipping and networking’ part of the UE mission statement, but over the past year Alex has gradually taken on more of these responsibilities. Over the past year, Juliet has been investing a lot of time in responding to the refugee crisis, paying several visits to Calais and galvanising others to get involved. This is now a legitimate part of her UE role, and an extremely exciting initiative for us to be a part of.

Juliet Kilpin

Alex Ellish

Alex Ellish

Alex was brought up in South Africa, went to university in Edinburgh and trained to be a Baptist minister in Prague. She is married to Phil, a teacher, and they have two young children. Alex works within the Anabaptist Network for the Mennonite Trust, to engage with young adults interested in following Jesus in the tradition of Anabaptism, which is particularly focused on peacemaking and non-violence. Alex also works alongside Stuart, Juliet and Jim in Urban Expression, where her key responsibilities are networking, equipping teams and developing relationships with folk who might be interested in joining UE.

Jim Kilpin

Jim is primarily responsible for the recruiting and deploying of our new church planting initiatives across the UK, assisting the regional coordinators, and working closely with new team leaders, as well as those teams more established in London. Outside of his Urban Expression role, Jim is the Community Minister at Avenue Baptist Church, helping the church engage creatively with their surrounding community and experimenting with new ways of doing mission and being church. In his free time he is also known as the infamous artist ‘Sandbanksy’, drawing labyrinths on the beach in his hometown in Southend on Sea, helping local people and tourists to engage with God in the great outdoors!

Jim Kilpin

Regional Coordinators and Development Workers


Angie Tunstall

Angie Tunstall – North West

Angie has been involved with Urban Expression since 2010 and helps to coordinate things in the north west supporting the teams and gathering team leaders for times of food and reflection. She also enjoys producing material for UE prayer days. She lives in Eccles offering hospitality and urban retreats from her home, has fun placing edibles in public space for others to help themselves to and enjoys lots of swimming and not as much walking as she would like.

Simon Jay – West Midlands

Si lives in Birmingham, and alongside his wife, Rachel, set up the Haven Community Project on the Welsh House Farm estate. Against his better judgement, he is currently studying for a masters at Bristol Baptist College.

Simon Jay

Rae Pears

Rae Pears - South West

Having been part of Urban Expression for nearly six years, Rae became the regional coordinator for UE in the South West in January 2016. She is enjoying the chance to grow with and learn about the many connections she has built in this time, finding ways in which they can support and encourage one another. She loves being part of the creative community in East Bristol, and lives there with her husband Andy and three beautiful children.

Carmel Murphy - Yorkshire

Carmel is the Yorkshire development worker, currently partnered with the Yorkshire Baptist Association to research and develop church planting opportunities within Bradford.  More recently she has also started to work alongside Angie in the the North West, helping to support the UE teams in this area.  She co-leads an Urban Expression team in Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent and is also a qualified Community Organiser who is passionate about empowering people to use their gifts and skills to build stronger, more vibrant communities.

Carmel Murphy

Phil Warburton

Phil Warburton – East Midlands

Phil Warburton is the UE development worker in the East Midlands


Mike Pears

Mike Pears – Urban Life

Mike used to be a UE regional coordinator, but has recently stepped back in order to concentrate on Urban Life,  a network of people exploring and researching new approaches to mission and Christian presence in deprived and marginalised urban neighbourhoods. It aims to facilitate a broad range of training and research opportunities relating to mission in urban contexts. We value Mike’s continues input and perspective, and look forward to where the relationship between Urban Expression and Urban Life will lead us.


Rachel Jay

Rachel Jay & Rowena Wilding

Rachel and Rowena work together to cover the administration tasks within UE. Rachel is also the Administrator for The Crucible Course. On the whole, Rowena deals with all the digital areas of the role, liaising with teams and associates and Rachel does everything else, from safeguarding to events.

They both live in Birmingham, both attend the Welsh House Farm church plant, and both drink all together too much wine. Rachel is married to Simon, and enjoys running, going to the gym and generally being healthy. Rowena is married to Andrew and enjoys curry, TV and her sofa

Rowena Wilding