Urban Expression is a very low-cost mission agency. We are working in areas that have very limited financial resources and we do all we can to operate in appropriate ways for these contexts. We do not provide funding for our church planting teams, which are self-financing. Members of the teams share resources together, find various ways of obtaining support and live simply. But we do need some financial support to enable us to maintain and develop our work. Our expenditure covers the following areas:

* Funding part-time national and regional coordinators and a part-time administrator.

* Producing brochures and other material.

* Promoting Urban Expression at various events.

* Underwriting new initiatives.

* Subsidising training for team members.

We have valued the support of a number of Trusts over the past few years, but many Trusts prefer not to provide ongoing support for existing agencies so that they can fund new initiatives. We are, therefore, looking for regular support from those who believe in what we are doing and can offer ongoing funding. Is this something you might consider?

We are also hoping to develop links with partner churches in areas of the country with greater financial resources, offering in return opportunities for their members to participate short-term in urban church planting contexts. Would your church be interested in this?

To make donations via PayPal, please use the form below. If you are a UK taxpayer, please also download the Gift Aid declaration and return it to us to allow us to reclaim the tax on your donation. If you or your church would be interested in offering more regular support please contact us or download the standing order form and gift aid form.

Standing Order Form

Gift Aid Declaration

Please consider supporting our efforts.