Knowle West

The UE members in Knowle West have formed two communities:

i) The Course with Phil and Alice Lawrence
Phil and Alice Lawrence and their three daughters moved to the Knowle West estate when Phil began his six year course on the Urban Ministry track at Bristol Baptist College. They are one of several families who have followed God’s call to work and live in that area, and form a ‘community of households’ to support one another for an incarnational approach to mission. The community have intentionally taken a long term view, letting relationships and opportunities develop organically. They are encouraged to see, growth is emerging in the gaps between the ‘community of households’ and the traditional churches on the estate.

ii) The Households
The Households has about 10 people and 4 children and is a kind of mission order – we are involved in estate life in a number of ways including cooking, hanging out with men, hanging out with young people, bread making and being employed by local organisations. We are now exploring how ‘feasting’ can open up storied Jesus-Spaces.