Church Without Walls

You’ve heard it said that church is the people – not the building. We mean it. Our mission is ‘to enable local people who won’t set foot in a church building to be church in a way that’s relevant and authentic to them.’

How do we do that? By going out to where they are: the workplace (we all have regular jobs), pubs, restaurants, the streets, prison cells, the courts, and the crematoria – you’ll find us wherever you find people. The fastest growing area of ministry for us right now is with people addicted to drugs and alcohol, with even Greater Manchester Police helping us to spread the Gospel to them!

The only thing keeping us from reaching more people is not having enough people on the Team. If you want the thrill of being part of cutting edge urban mission and you’re ready to ‘count the cost’, contact Gary on 07780 927743 or Jayne on 07742 567113.