Welsh House Farm

Welsh House Farm is a large council estate in Quinton. We are a community driven group of 3 families, centred around our Charity Community Project, The Haven, which does a range of work around the estate.

We meet at The Haven each week for ‘Faith Space’, in which we challenge our preconceptions of the bible and dig deeper into our beliefs in a way that engages all ages (there are more children than adults, ranging from tiny baby to pre-teen), and share the peace-meal together. It is an opportunity for all to explore what Jesus and faith have to do with our lives. and share the peace-meal together.

Once a quarter we have a family celebration day, to which we invite all the members of the surrounding community with whom we are involved.
This can be anything from picnics to pilgimages, bbqs, activity days, carol singing, quiz nights and much more!


Faith Space small