Carmel Murphy has been working with Urban Expression in partnership with the Yorkshire Baptist Association to research and develop church planting opportunities within Bradford. After connecting with a number of people already pioneering a variety of exciting things, a loose network began to emerge across the city. It has become apparent that those involved would like to intentionally nurture and grow this, so from September 2016 we are meeting under the banner of REFUEL. One of those involved in setting up REFUEL wrote about it like this:

“Some years ago a regular visitor to the city commented on the “underground church” in Bradford. She had been amazed by the many and diverse groups of Jesus-followers and grass-roots initiatives in the city and the simple way they determined to be His presence with no need for applause.

We love this about our city and long to see every area, estate and street full of hope and redemption. So if you are a Jesus-follower with a few ideas for the blessing of our city and the desire to gather old friends and make some new ones, we would like to invite you to REFUEL.

Over the next year (September ’16 – July ’17) there will be two story-cafes each month, and four weekend gatherings. The cafes will meet on a lunchtime and an evening, and are for sharing experiences, dreams, disappointments and hopes, so we can encourage and pray for each other. The Saturdays are for input and ideas from different speakers and streams.

You can pick and choose what you come to, no sign-up or sanctions, just opportunities to encourage each other and pray. All we ask is that you let us know if you’re coming (for catering reasons), and you can do this by following us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/thruthebluedoor/) This is also the place to go to find out more about upcoming gatherings and events.