We acknowledge our dependence on God and affirm our continual need of prayer and God’s empowering Spirit.

We believe that all people are loved by God, regardless of age, gender, education, class, ethnicity, sexuality or physical/mental health and that God works through all believers – and others besides.

We respect others working alongside us in the urban context and are grateful for the foundations laid by the many who have gone before us.

We want to learn from others, seeking to shape what we do in light of the experiences, discoveries, successes and mistakes of fellow-workers.

We are careful not to drain other local churches of their often limited resources, but hope to be an encouragement and support to them.

We realise the importance of living uncluttered lives, holding possessions lightly and recognising that all we have is to be at God’s disposal.

We know we are not indispensable and what we attempt to do is part of a much bigger picture, so will try to keep ourselves in perspective.