Praying our values

‘Praying our Values’ is a 28-day cycle of prayers, readings and exercises based around the core values and commitments of Urban Expression. It can be used in various ways:

• For personal prayer or prayer in small groups
• Regularly or occasionally
• During one calendar month or for any 28-day period

There are two cycles of readings – the City Cycle and the Peace Cycle – that can be used as part of this daily liturgy. These focus on biblical texts that explore these themes, ranging from Genesis to Revelation (using for freshness The Message version).

Those who use ‘Praying our Values’ daily during a calendar month will, of course, find that most months have additional days 29, 30 and/or 31. Additional material is provided for those days.

We welcome feedback on this material. If you notice any errors or have suggestions that might enhance it, please let us know. If you are interested in developing a further cycle of readings, please contact us to discuss this.