Crucible Course

On the Margins?

Christians across western culture are facing profound challenges and fresh opportunities.

The long era of ‘Christendom’ is coming to an end. We now live in a plural society, with multiple religious options alongside the prevailing secular assumptions, in which Christianity has lost its position of dominance and privilege and churches are on the margins of society.

Although we seem to be declining in numbers and influence, this context offers many new possibilities – if we have the courage and imagination to grasp them.

Why the Crucible Course?

Crucible is for Christians with courage and imagination, who suspect that:

We need to operate as cross-cultural missionaries because we live in a cross-cultural mission context.
We need to think creatively about incarnating the gospel and planting new kinds of churches in emerging and diverse cultures.
We need to recover the biblical vision of shalom and reflect on how we live as followers of Jesus in light of this all-embracing vision.
We need to pay particular attention to the margins, because we serve the God who frequently does new things there:

  • On the margins of society among the poor and disenfranchised.
  • At the margins of culture, where creative thinking explores new possibilities.
  • On the margins of the familiar, the spaces all around us, neglected or ignored, but full of potential.

Crucible brochure 2018-19

Six topics presented in two streams flowing over twelve Saturdays, all with opportunities for online learning and reflection on practice. It takes 2 years to complete if you decide to do all the weekends which are currently being run in Exeter and London.  Each module consists of two Saturdays.

Stream 1

After Christendom

After Christendom is the part of stream 1 which investigates the many opportunities, as well as the challenges, that the end of imperial Christianity presents. A core module which sets the context for all that we explore together in Crucible.

This module will be taught in Exeter on the  20th October and 3rd November and London on the 10th November and 8th December

On the Edge

On the Edge is the part of stream 1 which examines the dynamics of mission and ministry in marginal urban and rural communities and offers biblical and practical insights. This Module will be taught in Exeter on the 2nd & 16th February and London on the 9th February and 9th March.

Church Unplugged

Church Unplugged is the part of stream 1 which offers resources for pioneering new churches and new kinds of churches and to pioneer these in emerging or marginalised cultures beyond the scope of many inherited churches. This module will be taught in Exeter on the 27th April and 18th May and London on the 11th May and 8th June.

Stream 2 – Please note this stream isn’t being taught this year.

Restoring Hope

Restoring Hope is the part of stream 2 which explores how, in light of Godʼs mission to bring shalom (peace) to all creation, we can live towards that hope and create communities of peace. A big picture module with stretching insights.

Becoming Human

Becoming Human is the part of stream 2 which probes the dynamics of discipleship and asks how we can become more fully human as followers of the Son of Man. With thought-provoking insights into contemporary discipleship.

Jesus Unplugged

Jesus Unplugged is the part of stream 2 which imagines how we might re-tell the story of Jesus today in ways that connect with contemporary culture. With freedom to push the boundaries we explore words, themes, images and methods which might help.

For more information about the course trainers and hosts, click here.

Practical Peacemaking

On the 10th November and 8th December at Spurgeon's we are partnering with Peaceful Boarders to offer an additional module on Practical Peacemaking.  To book a place on this module please click here

Participants will also be offered opportunities for year-long or short-term placements in various contexts – to work out in practice what they learn on these weekends.

Booking Details

This year Crucible is being held in Exeter and London at the following venues:

London: Spurgeon's College, 189 South Norwood Hill, London SE25 6DJ
Exeter: South Street Baptist Church, 25 South Street, Exeter EX1 1EB

Each module is taught over two Saturdays and costs £92.  Exeter bookings are being taken through this website.  Modules taken at Spurgeon's are booked through Spurgons website.  Please click on the link which will take you through to their booking form.

Module in Exeter: Book now
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We have a limited number of bursaries available for those who are unable to cover the full costs of the course. If you wish to apply for one of these bursaries, please contact us.

Food & Accommodation

The course fee includes tea & coffee throughout the module, but does not include food or accommodation, arrangements differ in each location:

In London accommodation  can be booked through Spurgeon's and costs £25 bed and breakfast.  Lunch can be purchased in the cafe or a packed lunched can be brought.

In Exeter there is no onsite accommodation.  If you would like to arrange accommodation with a local family please contact us to discuss this.  Alternatively there are a number of travel lodges/ hotels in Exeter.  The South Gate Hotel is just up the road.  Lunch can be brought in or purchased locally.  There is a Weatherspoons pub just up the road if you prefer.


Book now:

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One Module Ticket – London


Sponsoring Agencies

Crucible is run by Urban Expression and Incarnate Network, in association with;

Workshop is an exciting Christian learning experience, which has been running since 1983.

The Northumbria Community is a network of people united in a desire to embrace and express an ongoing exploration of a new monasticism as a new way of living Christianity in a changing world.

BMS World Mission is the main Baptist cross-cultural mission agency, with long-term and short-term missionaries in many nations, and increasingly involved in cross-cultural ministry in the UK.

Rural Ministries who’s vision is to see the countryside served by people of mission who are grace filled, God empowered and contextually relevant.