After Christendom

After Christendom is the part of stream 1 which investigates the many opportunities, as well as the challenges, that the end of imperial Christianity presents. A core module which sets the context for all that we explore together in Crucible.

Christendom was the culture that dominated Europe for centuries, in which it was assumed almost everyone was Christian by birth and the church was at the centre of society. Post-Christendom means Christians are now a minority in a plural culture and the church is now on the margins of society, This is a challenging context but full of opportunities.

Sessions on previous After Christendom modules have included:

  • What was Christendom and why might we be interested?
  • What is Post-Christendom and how do we respond?
  • Group Bible study: church in Exile? Psalm 137; Jeremiah 29
  • Reading the Bible after Christendom: what if Jesus meant what he said?
  • Group Bible study: paradigm shift? Acts 11:1-18
  • Jesus, mission and church
  • Group work: Tension points?
  • The twilight zone: living between paradigms